The Cat Told Me

The cat told me …..

No and no, please
Not now!
The birdie would fly away.
Call me later!
Please, do not utter a sound!
It is there under the bush
Like an inviting mouthful
Straight out of a cosy oven.
Why are you coming nearer?
Didn’t I ask you
For a two minute reprieve?
I need to track my prey.
A faintest noise
On the dry leaves
And the birdie will fly away.
My meal will melt
Into the sun’ s oven.
Fortunately the leaves
Were a bit wet
And did not crack
The foolish birdie
Did not see
My pointed ears,
My shivering whiskers,
Silence! We are shooting a movie.
I pounce on my prey
I stretch my claws
I look at my paw:
Just a lonely feather.
Sorry the feather says,
The bird is gone
Better luck later!
And the feather flies away
After the bird in the sky.
But I must stay proud
Let’s pretend nothing happened!
Ah! Yes! Of course!
You called me,
You see, I am coming!