Bacon for the Doggy

Sitting on a bench
Gazing at the world passing by
I witnessed
At the end of two leads
Two human beings
At loose ends.

They both objected to
The burlesque buttock sniffing ballet
Between their two dogs
And were pulling the leash
To break them apart.

A bulldog is easy going
But if he decides
He really, really does want to do something
He is tenacious and stubborn.

The blocky build creature
Was vividly inspecting
The sweet cocker spaniel’s rosy backside,
He was ready to mount his pooch.

The owners were desperately
Yanking the leash,
As though their virtue depended on it.
The bulldog
Would not change his mind.
The spaniel
Was enjoying the attention.

In her hastiness,
The bulldog’s mistress twisted her ankle.
Completely disarticulated
Like a puppet on a string,
Her features out of balance,
Her eyes distorted
Her deformed mouth
Yelling with pain and anger
She resembled
For a brief moment
A rough painting of Francis Bacon.