Love Poems


you are
My moving dream
My wet sand
My grain of craziness
My howling wilderness
Breaking away
To the meanders of time
On my body



The dark circles

Under my eyes
The uncontrolled ardor
The unusual vehemence
I carry out

On the daily tasks
Are the only evidence
of guilt
Of our three days
Of tenderness
Of laziness
Of stolen kisses
And unbridled love making

Of our illegal passion

I cannot forget




Lost Connections

I try in vain

To capture the scene
In my mind
Tears outstanding
The memory of my feelings
Unwanted, undesirable
This hint of rancor
Diluted in my sadness
Walking along
My thoughts

Under the drizzle of streetlights

The absence of a dream
where I could stop over

The sleeping pills ……..




Golden silence

Eyes drained by sadness
Face immured
I recall the fled times
The vicissitudes of my marital life
where I skinned myself on the barbed wire of a paddock of silence
He resided in

Silence radiating with somber mysteries
And I, I was animating our meals with my incessant chatter
In the hope of a possible dialogue
All was vain
Apart from his contemplative silence
I wish so much to be able to

Relegate to the blessing of oblivion
These memories that threaten
To break my precarious peace